Process Mapping

Process Mapping

When Process Mapping is done correctly it can help you:

  • Identify the Waste in your business (non-value added processes)
  • Identify communication Issues
  • Identify all the people involved in the process
  • Identify excess movement
  • Show the complexity of the process
  • Visually communicate your process to your entire organization

If you have never done a Process Map in the past. I recommend that you take this in a three-step process.

  1. Start with a high level overview of your business flow from start to finish. Keep this SIMPLE. At this point you are not trying to identifying problems; you are simply agreeing on the flow of your organization.

2. Once you have a high-level overview you will be able to identify “steps” within the overall process. The next part of Process Mapping would be to explain each of these steps in detail. It is important to have all employees give their feedback on “what they do” in each step.

3. Analyse the above steps and start identifying any waste in the process. Pick one or two of the 8 wastes and eliminate or automate them in your process. When they have been SUCCESSFULLY eliminated; choose another one or two and focus on them.

Remember, this is not a race. It is a journey and journeys take dedication, time, and effort on the part of all employees.  If you would like assistance in mapping your business and/or identifying the waste in your business; please feel free to contact us.