Common Errors that Lead to Defects

The TWO main reasons for a “comeback” or defect are Missing Process Steps OR Process Errors which in my mind are very closely linked together.

If you have a strong process you are less likely to have a defect … and if you do by chance have a defect you can easily trace it back to the root cause of the defect in order to NOT HAVE IT REOCCUR!

There are literally thousands of collision centres today that experience re-dos either before OR after delivery of the end repair. If you are one of those shops; then this is a HUGE opportunity for you to increase your overall gross profit AND your throughput.

Here are some of the most common errors I see in the workplace today:

  1. Missing Process Steps – Tried to “shortcut the process”
  2. Process Errors – Did not follow the process
  3. Missing Parts
  4. Wrong Parts
  5. Wrong work processed
  6. Faulty Machine Operation
  7. Adjustment / Calculation Errors
  8. Equipment improperly set up
  9. Tools inadequately prepared

(Although I am specifically writing with experience in the collision industry; the above list can be found quite commonly in all industries)

If you can eliminate the need to constantly check for common errors that lead to defects you can be assured that you will reduce the number of defects!